Weight Loss made easy

So, a lot of my patients have questions about losing weight.  Who doesn’t.  Before becoming a Chiropractor in San Diego, I was a personal trainer and nutrition counselor for 10 years.  Everyone, wants a magic pill or special Hollywood cleanse.  They want it fast and they want it now.  Most of them wait until right before a special occasion to really lose the weight.  This usually over stresses the body and makes it more difficult to keep the weight off.  I have narrowed it down to 10 key points.

1.  Consume between 1200 and 1600 calories per day, not a calorie more.

2.  Buy a food diary ($5) and food scale ($10) and measure and keep track of your food everyday.

3.  Exercise 6 days a week for at least 30 continuous minutes a day.

4.  The only beverage you should have is water, NOTHING else.

5.  Every week, go to the grocery store and buy 28 fruits (4 different) and 28 vegetables (4 different).  Consume 4 fruits and 4 vegetables everyday.  This includes salads, but little to no salad dressing.

6.  Consume these fruits and veggies every 3 hours and add 3 ounces of protein (Palm of your hand) to each of these snacks.  Quality protein sources include:  Chicken Breasts, Egg Whites, Turkey, Fish, Red Meat, Whey Protein and Soy.  REMEMBER, only lean and low fat cuts.

7.  NO sweets, deserts or fatty foods whatsoever.

8.  Choose sodium free and fat free always.

9.  Try not to eat Carbs after 4pm, but you’re only going to get carbs from fruit and thats fine.

10.  Stay disciplined for at least 3 months and you’ll be at least 10-24 lbs lighter.

Stay Healthy San Diego,

Dr. Joshua A. Caldwell, DC

Caldwell Chirospa

8950 Villa La Jolla Dr, Suite B209

La Jolla, CA 92037



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